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August 20, 2007- CBC TV News Video
Humpback Whale Rescue- Haida Gwai



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December 2007-   VIDEO
Weyerhaeuser to examine Clearcutting due to the Interstate 5 Chehalis river flood.



January 30, 2008- Seattle Times
WA State Lands Commissioner Candidate calls for better logging practices

December 22, 2007 Bellingham Herald
DNR To Approve Logging

12/17/08- Seattle Times- Mudslide photos spurs look at logging Practices

Seattle Times Photo



May 9, 2007- Forest Stewardship Council Logging must become the norm for State and Private Forests.- Seattle Times.



Vancouver Island Oldgrowth Forest Threatened Again.

August 1, 2006- New plans for logging in Clayoquot Sound
See CBC TV Story

Clayoquot Sound Condemned to Bleed
-Paul Watson





 May 24, 2006-Arrogant threats against Mother Nature

February 13, 2006-Alaska's politicians to blame for image- (Pork and Subsidies )

Joel Connelly-Columnist
Seattle P-I
February 8, 2006- BC Preserves the Great Bear Rainforest.
(Much, we can learn from this story)

December 13, 2005- Raincoast Conservation Society buys Great Bear Rainforest trophy hunting rights.

February 11, 2005-Scientists say they've been told to withhold species findings.- Pressured by Bush administration and Industry.

December 1, 2004 Bush administration proposes 80% cutback in protected salmon habit


November 22, 2004-Blanchard Mountain logging- Schools vs the Environment.






Credit: Skagit Valley Herald-Matt Wallis

November 18, 2004 - Ruling helps salmon, not developers
Flood insurance must consider environment
January 14, 2004- 
The Alaska Chainsaw Massacre- Rolling Stone


Credit: Rolling Stone


January 9, 2004- New study warns of danger in eating farmed salmon.

More bad food news.

We need to heed warning from this magnificent fish.


Clayoquot Sound BC Fish Farm
December 29, 2003- Good news from the Swan Lady - Marsh is rehabilitated.


December 24, 2003- Bush Says 
Merry Christmas to logging industry. Opens Tongas National Forest to logging.


December 1, 2003- 
Canada will save half of its Boreal Forest


November 25,2003 
Rolling Stone Story By RFK Jr.
Bush- Crimes Against Nature.


October 29, 2003 
RFK Jr. blasts Bush, champions Kerry



Bobby Kennedy Jr.
Credit AP, 2002


Bellingham Weekly
David Suzuki weighs in on the connections between modern science and ancient wisdom

Interview by Christian Martin; October 2003


November 13, 2003
Organic Farmer Explains Why-
Nontraditional farming helps food system.


Skagit Valley Herald
August 8, 2003
Clayoquot Sound 10 year reunion.


July 30, 2003-Farmed salmon 
not so safe, report says

July 18, 2003- Atlantic salmon found in Thurston County creek, near Olympia
6/18/03 Grizzly Bear viewing worth more than trophy hunt in BC
6/17/03  Is Navy Sonar Tests Killing
Marine Mammals?
6/13/03 Too Many People= Less Salmon.
6/1/03 Weyerhaeuser- Still logging Canada's Oldgrowth Forests
4/28/03- The Raping of Canada's Boreal Forest

Sacremento Bee
Clearcut Canadian Boreal Forest


4/24/03- Grocers sued over artificial color in farmed salmon

Fish dye swatch
Vancouver Sun-
3/25/03- How many ways can we say no to drilling in the Arctic?


2/7/03- BC Fish Farms Spawn Passionate Debate


1/17/03- Canadian Salmon Farm Protest Attracts some Yanks.
12/29/02-Troubled Waters: Salmon Farming's Foul Fallout

9/26-02 Coalition may sue Salmon Farms



5/11/02 Atlantic Salmon Found Near the Copper River
5/9/02-Decision spells a new future for the forests of Haida Gwaii


Photo- Brad C. Wellman
West Coast of South Moresby


4/22/02- Another Mudslide, Another Act of God?

Joel Connelly-Columnist
Seattle P-I


2/1/02 More BC fish farms; Alaska's Governor calls decision "troubling"

Clayoquot Sound Salmon Farm
1/31/02 BC lifts moratorium on fish farms.
11/30/01European Union Bans Grizzly Hunt Trophies From British Columbia- Raincoast Press Release

Painting by Susan R. Wellman

Nov 29, 2001
Remove net-cage salmon farms, says Leggatt
11/14/01-B.C. logging practices not just Canada's business

2/23/01- Risk of Orca Extinction Analyzed Northern Resident Orca pod

1/29/01- Corporate Welfare is alive and well in British Columbia - Logging Companies in
BC are abusing the Stumpage fee system (See Stumpage Sellout)


Img097_t~logtrk.jpg (3492 bytes)
11/6/00 David Brower Dies

5/20/00 David Brower quits Sierra Club Board-"The world is burning, and all I hear from them is the music of violins,"

5/5/00 Clayoquot Sound Declared a United Nations Biosphere Reserve

4/25/00 Sea Lion Slaughter in Clayoquot Sound- Salmon Farms Implicated

3/22/00 Are PCB's killing whales? (The death of J-18-Everett)

3/20/00 Another dead Orca whale washes up on beach dead. TOXIC WHALE

3/6/00 Franken-Salmon project suspended in New Zealand

3/2/00 Whale nursery saved! whale_tail_th_opt.jpg (3217 bytes)

02/24/00 Bill is introduced to certify Puget Sound as a Landfill, Gov. Locke supports it.

2/11/00 Pollution may have killed Oregon Orcas
3/2/00 San Juan Orcas found in California
2/3/00 Northwest Orcas spotted in Monterey California
Orca Blow by Brad C. Wellman
Photo by Brad C. Wellman

1/30/00 Bears starving in Rivers Inlet BC due to vanishing salmon runs, logging and herbicide use part of the problem

1/26/00 Hazel Wolf- Seattle P-I Editorial
1/21/00 Hazel Wolf, environmental activist dies at the age of 101.

1/2000  Spirit Bear and Great Bear Rainforest  NRDC NEWS Spirit Bear by Ian McAllister

1/05/00 State approves deal to save Loomis Forest

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